Bali – About A Popular Tourist pilgrimage Site in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

We all know that Indonesia is a country surrounded by the sea and combined by different islands. Bali is one them and this island state of Indonesia is one of the popular tourist destination in South-East Asia to all. Bali is famous for its volcanic mountains, beaches and forests. It is said that if one wants to visit all the natural phenomena in Indonesia, it will take more than an era. So everyone should travel from now on. And you have to start from Bali, a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia where people from all over the world come to explore. In a word, Bali is a meeting place for the mountains and the sea. There are many amazing tourist attractions known here that you will not be able to finish in a short time. So today I will be talking about this Indonesian island  and my journey to this island.  So, I mention here the important places, the places I saw and the places I heard about.

The Island of Bali in a brief.

The Beaches of Bali

As being the coastal area, it is obvious that the main attraction of this area will be its beaches. There are plenty of beaches in Bali which is difficult to count. There are about 40 beaches all over  in Bali Province. But if you want to spend time at all the beaches, you’ll miss out the other attractions here. So let me tell you about some renowned beaches of Bali, Indonesia. 

Pantai Kuta, Legian Beach and Semeniyak Beach

I talked about these 3 beaches together because these beaches look very similar according to their environment. Activities in beaches are the same as parasailing, buggy car riding, jet-ski riding etc. Since these 3 beaches are located in 3 separate areas, if you have explored any one of them already then you don’t have to explore the other ones. So, it will better to explore any of them which is closer to your accommodation. Late afternoon is the ideal time to explore any of these beaches.

19424528_875868715894826_1153743923523024536_nKuta Beach.

32117037_244030932828161_4251772513551384576_oSemeniyak Beach.

Jimbaran Beach

You should go there after evening. This beach is so special for its seafood restaurants around it. After dusk, the atmosphere here will impress you, especially for the decoration of restaurants in the beach. The breeze of the bay will amaze you and you will be able to have a wonderful seafood dinner under the lights of torches and candles. So go there for a romantic dinner with your loved ones. You will be more entertained by the various fire-play exhibits done by the local people.  Adorable stray dogs and cats can join you in the dinner over there. Don’t forget to share your food with them.


71749415_10220802880167748_4500495078980059136_oJimbaran Beach.

Pantai Pandwa

This beach in the Badung area of Southern Kuta is something I liked very much. Because, the area around it is so amazing and exceptional. The location of this beach under the rocky mountains which looks like the limestone hills protect the land from the sea water like walls, it will look like this when you look at it from the far. The experience of riding on the hilly road by a car will be great. And the beach has regular activities to add extra joy. There are some restaurants on the corner of the hill from which you can get some wonderful views of the sea. These are ideal places to pass you times.

69806602_10218180516298488_5712164404687011840_o11049522_1664716303806281_93356325344244929_oSome Views of Pantai Pandwa.

Pantai Soka

It’s a black sand beach. Black Sand Soka Beach is characterized by its sandy tones but it is not known exactly why its color is black. That’s why it’s different from other beaches. It is heard from the locals that many years ago, a volcanic eruption rising from Mount Agung Hill reached the beach. Don’t know how believable this is because Mount Agung is far away from here. Or maybe I don’t even know how horrible a volcanic eruption can be. Coral rocks like the sand of the beach are quite tame. So, there may be some truth in the statements of locals. However, the atmosphere here is much quieter and less noisy than most other beaches in Bali. So it would be nice to enjoy the sunset here at last afternoon. There are no shops around, no beach activities. On the other hand there are coconut gardens and some houses of fishermen. So if you want to spend some time alone in Bali,  you can come here.

54364846_2203876346340907_6234909130595762176_oSoka Beach.

Apart from the above mentioned beaches, you can also visit Balian Beach, Pasut Beach, Padang Padang Beach, Lovina Beach, Sanur Beach etc. But the main attraction of Bali is not its beaches, there are much more left to describe.

Uluwatu Temple

This is a Hindu temple. But, everyone comes here to see its surroundings. Because its location is at the top of a cliff on the side of the sea. From here the sea can be seen as far as possible. It’s wonderful to come here at late afternoon and watch the sunset. Here you can enjoy the ocean from different view points. Outside the main temple, there is a spacious walkway where tourists can walk freely. In the afternoon, the cool breeze of the sea will fill your mind. When you visit the main temple you will gather some knowledge about the Balinese Hindu tradition. The traditions of the Hindu community here are quite different from the Hindu traditions of Indian Subcontinent. Around here you will notice the number of monkeys hanging around outside the temple. You may also be a victim of monkeys. That is why you should always be aware and if you have glasses in your eyes, put off  and take it in your pocket. You have to be careful while capturing photos with your mobile phone because monkeys can snatch your phone from you. There is an open stage outside the temple where a cultural show is held every evening known as Kecak dancing show. It’s free for everyone. To enter here, you have to buy a ticket for 60000 Indonesian Rupiah and if you are wearing shorts or half-pant, you have to wear a sarong to cover your knees and if you are wearing a full-pant then you have to tie a piece of cloth at your waist like a belt. These clothings are provided free of charge by the temple authorities at the outside of the spot, which is to be returned at the end of the tour. It’s just about showing respect to their community. The Uluatu Temple is about 60 km away from Denpasar, the main city of Bali. Best time to visit this place early evening so you can catch the sunset in all its glory and also see the Bali Kecak dance.

Some Views of Uluwatu Temple. 

IMG_20190818_181705.jpgMonkeys are hanging around in the area.

IMG_20190818_180802.jpgThe Sunset View. 

The Kecak Dance exhibition. 

Tanah Lot

Like the Uluwatu Temple, it is a Hindu temple. The main temple of the Uluwatu Temple is located on the top of a cliff, but the main shrine here is in the middle of the sea, which means that if you look at it from a distance you will feel it. It is not possible for tourists to travel there during the high tide. But you can go to the main temple during the low-tide. I did not go to the temple because if you wanna go there you have to follow many formalities. I watched as much as I could do from the outside. There is a small beach and many stone piles which has completed the overall beauty of this place. The main road to the temple is on this stone pillar which is always covered under sea water. Great views can be seen from the top of the rocks. To get close to the sea, you have to walk a long distance here. However, the walkway is like a beautiful park and very high above the sea and the atmosphere is beautiful. The breeze will keep you away from getting tired at here. There are many restaurants and souvenir shops, if you want, you can go and see. In the morning, the atmosphere is very quiet. But do not go down under water on the way to the temple during the high tide, as the water flow is very fast at that time. The result could be an accident.

IMG_20190821_110027-1.jpgTanah Lot. A temple situated in the middle of the sea.

IMG_20190821_112326.jpgAt the top of this stone is the location of the main temple.

Some views around the area.

Ulun Danu Temple

This is a very spectacular and most photographed temple on the shores of Lake Bratan near Bedugal in Bali. Depending upon the water level of the lake this temple appears to float when it is surrounded by water. There is a beautiful garden and a buffet restaurant at the site making this one of the most popular temples visited by tourists. Built in 1633, this temple is used for offerings ceremony to the Balinese water, lake and river goddess Dewi Danu, due to the importance of lake Bratan as a main source of irrigation to central Bali. The temples reflect Balinese culture and Hinduism of a different age. It is a must visit place when in Bali. Like Uluwatu Temple, you must have to follow the dress code over here.

Some views of Ulun Danu Temple.

Tegallalang Rice Terrace

The location of this tourist spot is in the Ubud area of ​​Bali. The Ubud area is a very hilly area and most of the people live on farming. Being a hilly area, they cultivate a special way of cultivating rice here. If you want to see this method of farming, you have to come here. Here they cut the hill like stairs, then planted paddy in the each particular flat area. Each staircase is forked in such a way that the drainage system is done automatically. And a reservoir is made to conserve water at the very top of the mountain so that rain water is stored and enough water can be supplied to the staircases through the canals. You will understand better by looking at the pictures bellow. This rice terrace is very much like an agricultural park. There are arrangements for walking on the walkway, but separate tickets have to be booked. But if you do not want to walk, there is a coffee-shop at the top of the park where you can sit and watch the whole rice terrace. And yes, there is a coffee farm where the world’s most expensive coffee is produced. But the coffee production process may not be liked by you. It is called Luwak Coffee and it is produced from the poop of the animals like Squirrels called Luwak in the local language. Sometimes, it’s called cat-poop coffee. I won’t say anything more about it. If you’re interested, you can search on Google about this. And if you want to drink that coffee here for free, you can try it. As an extra activity you can ride the Wild Swing Ride there. It will be a thrilling experience.

IMG_20190819_112639.jpgTegallalang Rice Terrace.

Some views around the Rice Terrace.

The processing of Luwak Coffee.

68600701_2736737639669618_7287486188984729600_oThe Adventurous Wild-Swing Ride.

Tegenungan Waterfall

It is one of the renowned waterfall in Bali, Indonesia which is the favorite place for tourists around the world as well. To reach to the main fountain stream, you’ll have to go up and down through the stairs. The water-flow of the stream is very strong. Even if you are far away from the waterfall, you can feel the splash of water on your body.  If you want, you can take an afternoon bath there. You can then go up the stairs to reach at the main source above the waterfall. But there are some dangerous places that are marked there. So, stay away from walking in those places. I do not know where the source of the water is. But the flow of water was so strong that surprised me a lot. You can also ride the wild swing ride as an extra activity. And you can have your lunch at the fancy restaurants above. You can meet some monkeys there.

IMG_20190819_144533.jpgIMG_20190819_142741.jpgTegenungan Waterfall. 

The views around the waterfall.

Some view above the waterfall.

Kintamani Mountain View Point

In my journey in Bali, exploring this place was so amazing for me. The entire Kinnamani area is the highest mountainous area of ​​Bali and from here you can touch the clouds. This area of ​​Bali is situated about 5000 feet above the sea level. And from its Mountain View point, you can see Mount Batur and Mount Agung together. In the morning the view is not well received. But at noon when the atmosphere is absolutely sunny, there is an extraordinary view that you will be able to discover. Mount Batur and Mount Agung are considered to be terrific sites of volcanic origin. It is conceivable to see both mountains from a distance. Mountaineers are hiking on both hills usually. It is very difficult. Hiking starts from midnight at 2 am and it is a total of 8 hours of hiking. There is a place above the mountains which is extremely hot where an egg could be boiled automatically, if you put an egg onto it. I heard this from the locals. This indicates that the volcano is still dormant here. Mountaineers go hiking and enjoy the sunrise over the mountains. But for me, as difficult as hiking is impossible, I never thought about doing it. Anyone who does not want to go hiking like me can come here and enjoy the beauty of this volcanic mountain from a distance. To me, the roads here are beautiful, as well as very frightening. The experience of self-driving on high-pitched roads and snake-shaped roads was the most exciting for me. And if you want, you can shop around at the souvenir shops and stores at affordable prices at here.

IMG_20190821_145358.jpgMount Batur.

IMG_20190821_145402.jpgMount Agung.

The tourists around the view point.

IMG_20190821_151606.jpgThe experience of having lunch in the restaurants of the Kintamani area will be magnificent.

Batur Water Park

It is a very simple place, not a special place. But there is no better place to see Kinnamani Lake from a close distance. Kinnamani Lake is located at the bottom of  Mount Batur. Due to its location at the bottom you have to get down a little by car from the Kinmani view point and cross a long path and enter this park. Here you can spend some secluded time sitting beside the lake. I didn’t notice any crowd of the tourists over here. Inside the park there is a swimming pool and some water rides. If you want more you will be able to catch fish from the lake with a fishhook. So if you have time on hand, you can buy an entry ticket and enjoy here. There are some villas where you can stay overnight and some restaurants which could be your ideal place for lunch or dinner.

Some views of Batur Water Park.

IMG_20190821_163217.jpgThe lakeside view of Mount Batur.

Nusa Penida Island

Bali is divided into 4 islands. They are Bali Mainland, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembagan and Gili Island. Among them, Nusa Penida is very close to the mainland of Bali. So, the tourists all around the world usually make a day trip over there by starting the journey in the morning and leaving the island in the evening. Some tourists also choose to stay here for few days to explore the whole island. But, its impossible to cover the whole island in a day. You can only be able discover the west-coast of Nusa Penida. In the west cost, you will be able to discover three majors spots are Kelingking Beach, Angels Billabong(Broken Bridge) and Crystal Bay. In my journey to Nusa Penida, I made my trip with a group of travelers of different parts of the world. It was an amazing day trip for me in Nusa Penida. In my tour, I covered those three tourist spots. I’ll be telling about those places in the following blog. So, click the link below to know more about my journey.

Nusa Penida – Story of a day trip to an island of Bali, Indonesia.

Nusa Penida Island in a brief.

This was my entire trip to Bali. You can explore some more parts or islands if you wish. You can also visit Gili Island and Nusa Lembagan Island if you wish. To get around these islands you have to spend at least one night there. You can’t make a day trip over there. Besides, you can visit some of the more notable places in Bali such as Ubud Monkey Forest, Negara Waterfall, Sambagan Waterfall, Bali Safari Park etc.

Food and Accommodation

When we go outside of our country, we first think about where to stay and how to arrange food and how to manage expenses etc. which is a logical thinking. If you are thinking to visit Bali, then I will say that you must book a hotel before coming. So before coming here, you can book any type of hotel you want from, Agoda or Expedia. The best hotels are usually located in the areas like Kuta, Semenyak, Legian and Nusa Dua. From there you can explore the whole Bali province. If you wanna rent a villa in Ubud or Kinnamani, the cost will be a little higher. However, if many people get together, the cost will remain reasonable. One problem in Bali is that one spot is too far away from the other, so you may have to change hotels frequently. However, if you have a good travel plan, you will get rid of such troubles.  

Some Views of Kuta Area. This is the place where most tourists stay.

There is no reason to be concerned about eating and drinking. If you try local food or seafood, your cost will be lower. It is possible to have a meal within a budget at international food chain shops such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, McDonald’s and Starbucks etc.


If you want to come here, you must have to arrive in Ngurah Rai International Airport located in Denpasar, Bali through a flight at first. It is a beautiful airport. You will have an idea about Balinese Culture before finishing your immigration process here in this airport. When you reach Bali, you can roam in three ways. In the car, bike or package group service by a bus. If you want to travel by the shared group package then you will find many travel agencies in there who will manage your tour or you can hire a self-driven car or motorbike for daily basis which will be a better option for you. Always remember that using a taxi will cost you more. If you want to make day trips to Nusa Penida or any other islands you can get help from the tour operators there. There are different prices vary from time to time and place to place, but you will have your option to bargain.


Some inside views of Ngurah Rai International Airport.


For shopping in Bali, you can go to the Beachwalk Shopping Mall or the Galleria Mall. Besides, there are small stalls and many souvenir shops in the areas like Kuta, Seminyak, Legion, etc. where you can complete your shopping.


Inside Beachwalk Shopping Mall. 

That’s all about my day trip in Bali, Indonesia. In my observation, there are lot to explore in this beautiful island of the Southeast Asia region. If you like to spend your time in the nature combined with hills and sea-beaches then this is an ideal place for you and a lot of arrangements are waiting for you.

So, travel more & be happy. Always remember that your mobility is your freedom.

Picture Source – Self Captured Pictures.




















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