About 10 Beautiful Mosques of Bangladesh Built in The Present Century

Bangladesh is a secular country and people of all religions live together here, but the majority of Muslims have existed in this country since many years ago. That is why there are numerous mosques in almost all places of this country. If you talk about the capital city, Dhaka is called the city of mosques because of the numerous mosques built here. Apart from this, there are many mosques set up in other districts or sub-districts areas outside Dhaka. Religiously all mosques are considered very important places for us. But the construction of some mosques and their architecture engineering fascinate us differently. For example, the famous Sixty Dome Mosque in Bagerhat District which is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. There is also a lot to talk about Atiya Mosque in Tangail district. These mosques are so attractive to the tourists for their construction, construction techniques and their surroundings. Apart from these mosques, there are many mosques built in the present century in Bangladesh whose exterior and interior structures are very nice. So today we will talk about 10 beautiful mosques built in Bangladesh in the last 10 to 15 years.

South Town Jame Mosque, Dhaka

Although the mosque is located in the district of Dhaka, it was established in the Rajendrapur area of ​​Keraniganj sub-district located on the banks of the river Buriganga near the capital city. The outlook of this mosque is very much like a palace and if you come to it suddenly without knowing anything about the mosque, you may consider this building as a palace. The construction of this beautiful mosque will impress almost everyone. While it is not known exactly when the construction of the mosque began, locals say that its construction was completed in 2017. In this mosque almost 600 people can pray together. The project was supervised by the Bangladesh Development Company, has spent about Tk 50 million to complete this construction. The mosque has 3 main gates for entry. The large windows in the vicinity work well for ventilation. Its main dome is located in the middle part of the building and is surrounded by more than 20 small domes. The branch domes are set on the pillars shaped like minarets. The interior decoration of the mosque is also very beautiful. The floor is covered with beautiful tiles. The open gardens around the mosque will impress everyone.


Some Views of South Town Jame Mosque.

Sripur Mosque, Gazipur

Haji Abdus Sattar Darul Ulum Jame Mosque AKA Sripur Mosque is located in the Vangnahati area of Sripur sub-district in Gazipur district. It was built by its founder, businessman Haji Abdus Sattar. Its construction began in 2010 and was completed by the year of 2016. It was first designed by an Indian engineer and later completed by the supervision of Bangladeshi engineers. It is known that the mosque has cost more than Tk 10 million. The entire mosque is surrounded by walls around the courtyard and there are visible crafts on the walls next to the main gate. The entire mosque building looks like the Taj Mahal of Agra, is made of marble. The architecture of this mosques attracts everyone to itself. The construction of this building is so impressive that it is comparable to the famous mosques of the Arab countries. The fields around it are wrapped in green grass and there are numerous fruit trees around the main building. The interior decoration of the mosque is very fascinating.  Marble stone tiles have been used on its floors and pillars. There are three domes carved on the main gate of the mosque and two towering minarets in front of the main building. Three blue domes have been placed side by side on the main building.



Some Views of Sripur Mosque.

Guthia Mosque, Barisal

Baitul Aman Jame Mosque AKA Guthia Mosque is located in Guthia village of Wazirpur area of Barisal district. It is only 22 km away from Barisal city. It is also used as a Mosque and Eidgah complex. About 20,000 people can pray together here during Eid.  It was built on about 14 acres of land. Local politician S. Sarfuddin Ahmed Santu started construction of the Mosque & Eidgah complex in 2003. By 2006, all of its construction activities were finished. In addition to the mosque, there is an orphanage, a huge pond and a rest house located around it. I have nothing new to say about its architecture. For those who travel to Barisal, they always try to visit this mosque due its architectural reputation. The main dome of the mosque is rich with beautiful crafts. On the roof there are four more domes surrounding the main dome. The entire mosque and the Eidgah complex are surrounded by walls and a dome with carvings is placed at each corner of the square walls. The main entrance of the mosque has three gates. If you look at the road in front of the gate, it will look like a crafted brick carpet. There is a minaret adjacent to the mosque which is 193 feet high. The view of the night is very beautiful at here. You can compare it to the view of Sheikh Abu Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. There are several flower gardens around the mosque building that make the mosque environment more attractive. The interior design of the building is also beautiful to look at. Every day, people come from far and wide to visit this beautiful house of Allah.


Some Views Of Guthia Mosque.



Night views of the Mosque.

Gulshan Society Mosque, Dhaka


This mosque is located in Gulshan area of the capital city of Dhaka. The construction of this mosque was completed in 2017 which is a well-executed architectural design by engineer Kashif Mahbub Chowdhury. The mosque was built on a 781 square meters of space under the supervision of Beximco Engineering Group. This seven-storied mosque building has no domes or any minarets. But the building is designed in such a way that if you notice any side of it remotely, you can clearly see a picture or design of a minaret. If you have no idea about the mosque, you can think of it as a museum or a university building from a distance. The walls around the building have almost the same design. Behind the net-like walls, there are glass panels that are visible from a distance. In front of the main gate, there are several stairs and its first floor is much higher than the road. Its interior design also touches on modernity. With its glass panels, the entire building automatically gets enough light during the daytime. At night, when the electric lights inside are lit, it is amazing to see the building from the outside. The whole mosque building is centrally air-conditioned. There is also an elevator to reach the top floors. About 4500 Muslims can pray together in here.


Gulshan Society Mosque. 

Baitur Rouf Mosque, Dhaka

The mosque is located at Fayadabad in Uttara Dakshin Khan area of ​​Dhaka. It was built in 2012. The specialty of ‘Baitur Rouf’ mosque built on a 754 square meters space is it has no domes or minarets. Because the brick is not the main structure holder here, the structure is placed on eight columns around it. Due to the architectural features, it looks like that the sun is shining in the mosque and special ventilation system controls its inside temperature. Artificial light is not needed during the day because there is an adequate system of  utilizing the natural light. Many small spheres have been drilled on the roof of the mosque so that sufficient light can be brought inside the building. It is designed in such a way that rain water does not come in through the spheres. Engineer Marina Tabassum executed the design of this mosque. She was awarded the Agakhan Architecture Award in 2016 for this construction project.  According to her, “You can take a very simple element and take it at any level by your own creativity and innovation.” She also told that architecture is not just a matter of seeing, but of feeling. About 500 to 600 Muslims can pray together in here. This kind of environmentally friendly architecture is really admirable. It is also known to all that the materials of this construction are locally made.


Baitur Rouf Mosque.

Al-Madina Jame Mosque, Munshiganj

This magnificent mosque is located in Srinagar, Munshiganj district. The construction of the mosque was completed by the year of 2015 and the first Jumma prayer was held in the same year. About 1700 people can pray together here. The foundation of this entire mosque-complex was built on a space of 30 decimals. On the roof of the mosque there are two tall minarets and four small minarets with a large dome. There are also two minarets on the front. The front gates and pillars of the main gate have beautiful crafts that will catch everyone’s attention. The doors of the gate are made of crafted woods. Upon entering through the gate, you will see two side stairs that have gone up and down. Then at the front, you will see a neatly decorated mihrab. Looking at the top of the main section, you will see the only dome structure of the mosque and a huge and beautiful chandelier which is hanging down from its center. Just below the circular part of the dome, 20 windows are installed, through which sufficient light and air enter inside. There is a school adjacent to the mosque, where you will see the presence of young students.

Views of Al-Madina Jame Mosque.

Belabo Bazar Central Jame Mosque, Narshingdi

The mosque, located in Belabo sub-district of Narshingdi district, was actually established about 300 years ago. But at present, the mosque has been completely rebuilt. The mosque has been rebuilt, especially to increase its capacity. The current infrastructure was built by Alhaj Abdul Qadir Mollah, Chairman, Thermex Group, Narshingdi, a prominent industrialist, educator and social worker of Narshingdi district. But its first founder was Landlord Mahmud Bepari. When the mosque was first built, the mosque was of a different structure than any other mosque in the particular area. It is known that the mosque had seven domes when it was first built. But as a result of the rebuilding, it is no longer there. There is resevoir at the back of the mosque and it is amazing to see the reflection of the mosque building in that reservoir. Currently the whole building is decorated with ceramic bricks. In the roof of the extended part of the first floor, two minarets stand as an open door, and small domes are also placed on top of the minarets. In addition to its interior decoration, the floors and the pillars are surrounded by beautiful tiles. Chandeliers have been placed in the center of each pillar. At the center of inside building, from the top floor to the bottom floor, a huge attractive chandelier was installed. The three-storied mosque has a current capacity of about 8000 people, but at the special times, around 20 to 22 thousand Muslims can assemble here. This mosque is currently a famous sightseeing spot in Belabo sub-district. People from different parts of the country come to see the mosque at a glance.

Belabo Bazar Mosque in a brief.

Hakkani Jame Mosque, Noakhali

Hakkani Jame Mosque, located at Kabilpur Union No.1 of Senbagh sub-district of Noakhali District. It is one of the beautiful mosque in whole Chittagong division. This mosque is currently a renovated mosque which was actually built on a very small scale in the early eighties. Its original founder was Hashem Saudagar. Later, the construction of the mosque was started by the year of the 2007 which was completed in 2010, financed by Abul Khair Group of Companies.  It is reported that the construction of the mosque has cost about Tk 90 million. From a distance it looks a lot like a palace. Watching this mosque becomes a keen interest for everyone to see it from a close distance. The quadrangle-shaped mosque has a total of 3 high minarets connected with the main pillars of the mosque, with a main dome in the center and three small domes around it. High quality materials were used in the construction of the mosque. There is a two-storied school building on the north side of the mosque and a large Eidgah on the east side. The specialty of the interior decoration of the mosque is that the roof of each floor also has special touches and each roof is specially covered by mosaic crafts.  The entire front, with its main gate, is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. In addition to the various Arabic writings on the main gate, the name of the mosque has been written in Bengali as in Arabic calligraphic style. People from different parts of the country come to see the mosque at a glance.


Hakkani Jame Mosque, Noakhali.

Maa Ayesha Jame Mosque, Manikganj

The mosque is located on the banks of the Ichhamati river in Dhuturabari village of Shiblaya area of Manikganj district. Its location is very close to Paturia jetty. The mosque was named after Hazrat Ayesha (R), the daughter of Khalifa Hazrat Abu Bakar (R) and the wife of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad(S). Its founder is Aftab Uddin Khan, an eminent person in the area, who is an engineer in profession. Its construction was started by the year of 2008 and it was completed in 2012, which costed around Tk 20 million. It is known as the most beautiful mosque in Manikganj district. The mosque bears the symbol of spectacular architecture. The quadrangle-shaped mosque is surrounded by three green gardens. The main gate of the mosque looks like a royal entrance and each wall of the building was constructed by red bricks without the plaster of cement which looks so attractive. In front of the main building, you will see a triangle-shaped open field wrapped in a sheet of green grass. At the northeast corner of it, you will see a towering minaret about 99 feet tall and it is visible from the Dhaka – Paturia highway. The main gate of the mosque building looks like a half-crescent and there is a large dome on the top. Looking a little farther, you can see that the dome and the crescent gate have a great combination. The interior decoration of the mosque is fairly flat but there is an efficient ventilation and light passing system exist inside. The windows are very tall and a hole was placed along the center of the dome, making the mosque almost open during the day by passing the sunlight through it. The mosque has a capacity of about 500 people, but around 1000 people can pray during the Eid time.


Some Views of Maa Ayesha Mosque.

Nizam-Hasina Foundation Mosque, Bhola

Located in Ukilpara area of Bhola district, the mosque is known as the largest modern mosque in the southern part of Bangladesh. The mosque was built with financial support from the Nizam-Hasina Foundation. The entire mosque complex was built on a piece of land about 1.5 acres. Construction work of the mosque began on June,2010 and the mosque was inaugurated on Friday, 30thDecember 2016 , with the prayer of Jumma. The founder of the mosque is Nizam Uddin Ahmed, the chairman of Meghna Life Insurance and Karnafuli Insurance Company. He and his wife Hasina Begum founded the Nizam-Hasina Foundation in the year of 2000. This mosque is probably different from all the mosques in Bangladesh, even different from the Gulshan Society Mosque and Baitur Rouf Mosque. The main building of the mosque is built like a triangular pyramid.  Above its building, a 60-foot-high dome was set inside an open triangular that will catch everyone’s attention. Architect Forum Designer Kamruzzaman Liton designed the mosque. Its main gate is also triangular like the mosque building and has a small dome above it. On either side of the gate, two tall minarets had been erected at the ends of the walls having a height about 120 feet each. In front of the gate, you will see flower gardens on both sides of the gate. The interior of the two-storied mosque has a variety of stone carvings and various Arabic calligraphy inscriptions including colored marble stones craftsmanship which completed the whole interior designing work of the mosque. The mosque will be able to offer up to 2,000 Muslim to pray at a time and there is a separate prayer hall for women. Thousands of people come from different parts of the country every day to see this beautiful mosque.


Nizam-Hasina Mosque in a brief.


Night View.

Besides, numerous beautiful mosques are being constructed in different parts of different districts of Bangladesh, some of which are being built in the form of historical buildings and some in the form of modern buildings. For example, the 201-domed mosque in Tangail district which has already made its way to the Guinness World Record book. But the mosque is not yet fully built, with some works still to be done. So, I will be talked about this mosque at later and I hope that I’ll be able to inform you about the other mosques in the future by the grace of almighty Allah.

So, travel more & be happy. Always remember that your mobility is your freedom.



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