Langkawi – About a Peaceful Island in Malaysia

The people of all across the world are different in many terms and their choices are different too. And like this statement, the travelers around the world are also different comparing to each other’s preferences. Someone likes to adopt new culture and someone likes to be conservative. Some likes to visit crowd free places where someone likes to walk across a busy city. Some travelers like the silence of the nature but some travelers like the hustle of a crowded city. All of us have our own preferences in terms of traveling. In addition to that,  we always choose our traveling destination according to our mood or our desire to do something special.

So, if anyone wants to visit in a crowded free environment inside southeastern Asia, he or she can go to Langkawi Island in Malaysia.


Langkawi, Malaysia. Picture Source – Self Captured.

Langkawi, a district located 30 kilometers away from the north-west coast of Malaysia, comprising about 100 islands of Andaman Sea. This region on the coast is included in the Kedah kingdom of Malaysia, which is known as The Jewel of kedah. Langkawi is one of the most popular tourist centers in southeastern Asia and as I see it is one of the most quiet and serene coastal areas in Southeast Asia. So, you can visit its sights and enjoy its quiet surroundings. There is no shortage of sights in Langkawi. But visiting all of them will be time costly and expensive enough. So, I mention here the important places, the places I saw and the places I heard about.

The beaches of Langkawi

As being the coastal area, it is obvious that the main attraction of this area will be its beaches. There are plenty of beaches in Langkawi which is difficult to count as like as Bali, Indonesia. Among these beaches, Pantai Chenang, Pantai Tengah, Black Sand Beach etc. are notable. Wherever you go, there you will find some beaches.


On the way to an unknown beach. Picture Source – Self Captured.

Pantai Chenang and Pantai Tengah Beach is the most popular beach of Langkawi. Here, the crowd of tourists is little bit high. But still the beaches are very quiet and peaceful. It’s a little strange. Because, the crowd in Southeast Asian beaches is the beauty. But here I saw that everyone remained silent and quiet, there was no hustle and bustle. The sound of some jet ski and speedboat was bothering a little bit. There are lots of shops, shopping malls and restaurants that are outside the beach but there are no crowds, though there are enough people there. Although the number of people was much lower comparing to other tourist destinations like as Phuket, Bali etc. It is good to say that Pantai Chenang and Pantai Tengah are the main tourist areas here. Most tourists are staying in the hotels located here. There is a narrow road in the area where many cars are parked on the both sides and cars are relatively slow on this road. But there is no horn hooking anywhere. That seems to be much cooler than the tourist areas of Thailand, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur.

Some views of Pantai Chenang Beach. Picture Source – Self Captured. 

You can also visit Tangrak Beach, Black Sands Beach, Shark Bay Beach etc. On the way to Tangrak beach, you will have to go through a park, which is very pleasant. And it is good to say that the entertainment arrangements like jet ski surfing, parasailing and others are available in these beaches. There will be many restaurants beside the beaches where the different types of seafood are available. If you want to have lunch or dinner then that will be a good option. The quality of food is very good and prices are also cheap.

Langkawi Underwater World

If you want to know about the creatures of underwater then you can visit Langkawi Underwater World. No, you do not have to do diving or snorkeling under the sea. It’s an indoor aquarium. To enter here, you will need to purchase entry ticket for 40RM per person. Here you will see the small aquatic creatures with the giant fishes. This Indoor Aquarium is huge and there exists all the marine creatures here. The setup of underworld world seems like you’re not seeing the fishes, the fishes are watching you. The surrounding walls and the upper ceiling are all surrounded by aquarium and there are aquatic animals living there. In addition to aquatic animals, you will see different reptiles like snakes, crocodiles, and various types of ducks and birds. There are some artificial fountains and tropical gardens where the trees are real.

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Langkawi Underwater World in a Brief. Picture Source – Self Captured. 

Oriental Village, Skycab & Langkawi Skybridge

The main attraction of Langkawi to me is the Langkawi Skybridge. But to go here, you have to reach Oriental Village at first. After reaching Oriental Village, you have to sit on the cable car to reach the top hill station. It is good to say that there are two hill stations here. Mid Station and Top Station and you need to change cable car at the mid Station then pick up the Skybridge entry ticket from there. After going to the top station, you have to hike some distance and then you will see the Hanging Skybridge located on the top of the hill which is approximately 600 meters above sea level or 2200 feet high. From here you will find a 360-degree view of Langkawi. You will be able to see the remote seas, islands and mountains. The structure of the bridge will surely make you afraid or surprise. For those who have acrophobia, I would say that they do not have to go there. But if you love thrilling, then the place is for you. And to add an extra dimension to your thrilling ride, the glass stands of the bridge, on which you can stand and look down, you will definitely be afraid for once. And the cable car ride which is very exciting. In addition to the Skybridge, there are various points located on the top station. These points provide a very beautiful view of Langkawi. All the tourists are busy taking photos and selfies there. There is a lover’s point located at there. Here, couples enter their names into a small metal lock and lock it on one side of the railing of the bridge. Everyone believes that they will be with each other forever. It’s similar to the famous Love Lock Bridge in France.  So those who can not go to France can come here and express their love. There are also some food shops and souvenir shops at Top Station where you can do shopping.

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Journey to the Skybridge. Picture Source – Self Captured. 

Hiking to Langkawi Skybridge.

The return journey through the cable car.

After exploring the skybridge, you can walk down through the Oriental Village. The setup of this place is like the Universal Studio of Singapore. There are some movie halls, kids theme parks, 3D studios, hotels and restaurants and shopping centers where you can explore. If you want, you can also exchange money from here. This place is amazing for visiting. And yes, it is good to say that you have to collect the cable car ticket from here. And it is better to let you know that if the weather is bad or if the speed of the wind is high then the cable car service will be closed. If the weather is OK, then it is turned on for service. I also had that experience. As long as the cable car was closed, I walked around the Oriental Village. And when it was started, I did not stand in a long queue and took special services for RM 115 which usually costs RM 40. You may face the same situation like me. At last, it is good to say that it is good to come here early in the day.

Some artworks of 3D Art Gallery at Oriental Village. Picture Source – Self Captured.

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The Oriental Village in a brief. Picture Source – Self Captured.

Mahasuri’s Tomb

It is a museum and cultural center. My time has not been there for my time limitation but the story that I heard about the lady for whom this museum has built is very interesting. So, I shared with you.


Mahasuri, The famous Malay Folk Lady. Picture Source –  Collected.

Mahasuri was a Malay Folk lady. She was very beautiful and everyone was attracted to her. Even the head of the region was interested in her and wanted to marry her, but her first wife protested against his decision. Later, Mahasuri married a local warrior and he was killed in a battle with the siamese. People became her fan due to her beauty and specialty. But she was charged with a slander given by the local chief’s wife. Later, she was sentenced to death by a false accusation. She repeatedly told everyone about her innocence again and again. In 1819, she was executed. Before her death, she cursed the island and its people that people of this island will never be able to live peacefully and that curse will be continued for the next seven generations. And in reality, it was so. After her death, the local residents fought with the siamese and the war duration was long. The peace and discipline here are destroyed. But the good news is that the end of this curse ends long before the twentieth century and now Langkawi is one of the world’s most popular tourist destination.

Inside & Outside views of the Mahasuri’s Tomb. Picture Source –  Collected.

Later, this museum was built to commemorate the memory of Mahasuri by the first prime minister of Malaysia, Abdur Rahman. Here are a variety of cultural programs are organized regularly by the museum authority inside the museum compound. So, those who are interested in history and museums can buy a ticket for RM10 and explore this historical site.

Langkawi Eagle Square

Langkawi Eagle Square is actually the place that you have to go. Because this eagle square is the one that carries the meaning of this place. If you go there, you will find that a giant eagle is standing on a large stone with its huge wings are widely spread. And that is the meaning of the name “Langkawi”. “Lang” means eagle and “kawi” means stone. So combinedly, it’s a large eagle on a big stone.

Views of Eagle Square from all angles. Picture Source – Self Captured.

There is nothing special to see here except this huge sculpture. However, for taking photographs you should come to this place. During the day there is a crowd of tourists, but after the evening the place become absolutely silent. I went at night and I saw this eagle square enlightened by the colorful lights. And it seems awesome at the night. For this quiet environment, Langkawi seems to be a very peaceful place for me. Langkawi Eagle Square located on the edge of the Kuah Jetty and here, it is possible to have some shopping from the shops nearby the Kuah Jetty and eat from the restaurants.

You can also visit other places such as Langkawi Wildlife Park, Bat Cave, Seven Wells Water Falls and various Rice Fields etc.

Food & Accommodation

When we go outside of our country, we first think about where to stay and how to arrange food and how to manage expenses etc. which is a logical thinking. If you are thinking to visit Langkawi, then I will say that you must book a hotel before coming. One aspect of here is that hotels or resorts are far from one another. Generally, they are located on Village Side Area. You can find many hotels at Pantai Chenang or kuah Town. But if you stay in Pantai Chenang area, your cost may be a little higher and the problem in Kuah Town is the tourists sites will be far away from this place. So, it would be better to stay at the village side. The atmosphere here is very good, quiet and hotel services are also fine. In my experience it was awesome. So, you can book any hotel from, Agoda or Expedia etc. before you come here.

There is no reason to be concerned about eating and drinking. If you try local food or seafood, your cost will be lower. It is possible to have a meal within a budget at international food chain shops such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, McDonald’s and Starbucks.


A Street-food Corner beside a beach. Picture Source – Self Captured.


If you want to come here, you must have to arrive in Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur at first. After coming here, you can go to Langkawi by any way. If you want then you can go directly through a flight or you can go by a bus and then by a ferry. But it will take a long time to reach in Langkawi through using the second option. If you go by a direct flight, it will take an hour to arrive. And the difference in travel fares is not very much. Air Asia will be the best option when you are about to search a flight.

When you reach Langkawi, you can roam in three ways. In the car, bike or package group service by a bus. If you want to travel by the shared group package then you will find many travel agencies in there who will manage your tour or you can hire a self-driven car or motorbike for daily basis which will be a better option for you. Always remember that using a taxi will cost you more.

Driving a car in Langkawi is an amazing experience. Picture Source – Self Captured.


It is good to say that the entire Langkawi area is duty-free. Because of duty-free shopping zones, all the things here are cheap. So, you can do shopping as much as you can.

At last, I will say that if you want to spend your time in peace for few days then this is the place for you. So, travel more & be happy. Always remember that your mobility is your freedom.

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