Charismatic Cox’s Bazar – About the longest sea beach of the World

I have been thinking for a long time. I’m asking myself the same question again and again that what should be the correct title for this place? The words like amazing, magnificent, marvelous etc. are so common. But I’ve come to my final decision of choosing the right title for this place after few days of thinking. It should be this word “Charismatic” which is appropriate for the title. The word “Charismatic” comes from the word “Charisma” which means the ability to attract others towards yourself. So, Cox’s Bazar has the charismatic capability to attract travelers towards it’s longest sea beach. Personally, I’m a big fan of Cox’s Bazar. It’s my favorite place and it will remain as my favorite place for the holidays forever. This place always attracts me when I’m thinking about any tour.


The Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach. Picture Source- Self Captured.

Cox’s Bazar is a district located on the southeast part of Bangladesh.  Cox’s Bazar derives its name from Captain Hiram Cox, an officer of the British East India Company. You already know that Cox’s Bazar is famous for it’s longest sea beach and it’s the top holiday destination of Bangladesh. This is the longest natural sea beach in the world having a length of 120 kilometers and stretching from north to south. This sea beach is located right beside the Cox’s Bazar city.

The Cox’s Bazar sea beach has the ability to give you the pleasure of traveling which may not be possible for the other tourist destinations. At here, the breeze of the Bay of Bengal will blow your mind and offer you the finest leisure. You can walk into the beach as far as you can go. The breeze of the Bay of Bengal won’t make you tired. There are other recreational facilities as well as natural entertainment. The facilities of jet ski riding, parasailing, wave surfing, horse riding and beach buggy riding etc. are available in here. If you want, you can enjoy flying kite at here. The kite flying in the ocean breeze is very enjoyable. The kites of different colors are found in shops beside the beach.

 Some Views of The Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach. Picture Source – Self Captured.


Kites in the sky of Cox’s Bazar. Picture Source – Self Captured.

There are also more wonderful sites to visit around Cox’s Bazar. The Himchari Waterfall is one them. This place is very beautiful. You have to start your journey from Cox’s Bazar City and have to go through the Marine drive road to reach at Himchari Waterfall. The journey through the Marine drive road will definitely amaze you. This road is one of the beautiful road existing in Bangladesh. On one side of this road you will see the panoramic sea view and the mountain scenes can be seen on the other side. You will also be able to feel the breeze in addition. After reaching at Himchari Waterfall, you can enjoy the flow of this trail and you will also be able to climb the hill located beside the trail. There is a staircase for climbing this mountain and you have to step up many steps. From top of the mountain, you will have a view of the beautiful Marine drive road and the beach located beside the road. And at the bottom of the hill,  you can explore the sea beach of Himchari.


Himchari Waterfall. Picture Source – Self Captured.

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Views from the top of the mountain. Picture Source – Self Captured.

Some views of Marine drive road. Picture Source- Self Captured.

After that you can go to the Inani sea beach which is not too far away from the Himchari Water fall. Inani beach is one of the beautiful beach known for its rocks and coral boulders. This place is actually located on Ukhia sub-district of Cox’s Bazar but it’s not too far away. Inani beach has a length about 18 kilometers. This place contains a nice view due to its coral stones. These stones become covered by the green shades during the rainy season. The view of  sunrise and sunset at this beach will blow your mind and you’ll never forget that moment.

Inani Beach. Picture Source – Self Captured.

Coral boulders of Inani Beach. Picture Source – Self Captured.


The Sunset view of Inani beach. Picture Source – Self Captured.

There are more things to do in Cox’s Bazar. You can visit Saint Martin’s Island through Cox’s Bazar for a day trip. It’s the most beautiful island in Bangladesh having an area about 8  km2. You can walk around the entire island because it is so small. The coral stones of this island will amaze you. The water of this island is clear than crystal and the sea looks so blue in the daylight. This island is also famous for it’s coconuts and the coconut water is so sweet that you may not be tasted before. You may decide to live here forever after visiting this island.

About Saint Martin’s Island. Picture Source – Tour Group BD.

You can also visit Bangabandhu Safari Park (Dulahazra Safari Park) for a day trip if you have more time. It’s a popular picnic spot for the people of Chattogram(Chittagong) division. You can explore the beauty of the jungle and you can meet with Bengal Tigers, Lions, Wild Elephants, Monkeys and other animals. This tourist spot is located in Chakoria sub-district of Cox’s Bazar.

Bangabandhu Safari Park in a brief. Picture Source – Collected.

What you will do at night in Cox’s Bazar? Here, the nightlife won’t be the same like Pattaya, Phuket, Langkawi or other seaside areas in Southeast Asia. But you can walk into the streets in Cox’s Bazar. You can explore the several seafood markets in this town. You could buy some dry fishes from the markets. The smell of the dry fishes will amaze you and make you very hungry inside the markets. If you wanna taste some of those then several restaurants and food carts are available beside the markets. The unique taste of these seafood will not be found anywhere else. You can also have some shopping from the street markets located in Cox’s Bazar. You can almost buy everything from there. Bags, ornaments, dry fruits and pickles imported from Myanmar are the star items over there. After all of that, if you become tired then you can chill out inside the cafe. There are many cafes and food corners located around the sea beach of  Cox’s Bazar. The interiors of these cafes will definitely please you. And you may have the night view of the beaches while enjoying your coffee or meal.

The City views at night in Cox’s Bazar. Picture Source –  Self Captured.

Inside a seafood market in Cox’s Bazar. Picture Source – Self Captured and Collected. 

A local Market in Cox’s Bazar. Picture Source – Self Captured.


A Cafe beside the beach of Cox’s Bazar. Picture Source – Self Captured. 

How to go & Where to stay

If you are a traveler from outside Bangladesh then you must have to come Dhaka at first. Dhaka is the capital city and the central hub of Bangladesh. So, you can go everywhere around the country from Dhaka. After arriving in Dhaka, you can take a direct flight to Cox’s Bazar. It’ll take 45 minutes to reach Cox’s Bazar. If you think that the flight fare is high then you can have a road journey. The several AC Bus services are available to arrive in Cox’s Bazar. You can also take a non AC bus but a non AC bus for a long journey about 10 hours might not be a good option. Green Line, Silk Line, Shohag Paribahan, Desh Travels, London Express and Soudia Silky are the reputed AC Bus service providers in Bangladesh. If you wanna go by flight then Biman Bangladesh Airlines, US-Bangla Airlines, Regent Airlines and Novo Airlines are the options. These local airline operators have regular flights to Cox’s Bazar.

Bus services to Cox’s Bazar. Picture Source – BD Bus Lovers.

Direct flights to Cox’s Bazar. Picture Source – Collected.

For the accommodation, you will find several five star hotels in Cox’s Bazar. Among them Hotel Seagull, Hotel Ocean Paradise, Hotel Long Beach, Hotel Cox’s Today, Royal Tulip Resort and Mermaid Beach Resort etc. are well reputed. If you want to stay in a budget hotel then many two and three star hotels are also available around this city. Among them Hotel Sea Crown, Hotel Sea World, Hotel Sea Alif, Iqra Beach Hotel etc. will be the good options. Most of the hotels and resorts are located beside the sea beach in here. The hotel facilities are up to the mark. You will have all kinds of inside transportation assistance from the hotel authorities.

Hotels and Resorts in Cox’s Bazar. Picture Source – Collected.

If you are about to visit Saint Martin’s Island then you have to make a booking for a seat to a passenger ferry from Cox’s Bazar. You must have to reach in Teknaf at first by a journey through a car or a CNG autorikshaw then you have to board in the ferry from Teknaf. To visit Bangabandhu Safari Park you have to hire a car for a day.


A passenger ferry to Saint Martin’s Island. Picture Source – Collected.

At last, I’ve nothing more to say about Cox’s Bazar. But I’ve to tell something to the travelers around  the world. If you are planning to explore each and every sea beaches across southeast Asia then you must come to Cox’s Bazar at last. Because, if you explore Cox’s Bazar at first then the remaining sea beaches may have failed to attract you. Because, not only this is the longest sea beach of the world but also this is the most attractive sea beach of the world. Besides that it’s one of the attractive tourist destination of the world as well.

So, travel more and refresh your mind.

Thanks for be with me.



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