About Beautiful Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a densely overpopulated country.  As a nation, Bangladesh is developing day by day.  But, this is a very beautiful country due to it’s natural beauty and various beautiful places.  These places are so different comparing to each other.  You won’t be able to find out any similarity among them, if you are a traveler in Bangladesh.  And that has made Bangladesh so unique in the world. From Tetulia to Teknaf, you will be able to experience so many wonderful things that will definitely blow your mind. Now, I’m gonna tell you about some beautiful places in Bangladesh in a brief.


Beautiful Bangladesh. Picture Source – Self Captured.

At first,  I’m gonna tell about the ideal time to make a visit in Bangladesh. The season between August to December is the perfect time to visit almost everywhere in Bangladesh. The local people choose to go out side the cities in between this timeline. Because, the weather stays so hot and humid before August all over the country.  After that the weather is becoming cooler day by day. Still, you will able to see the difference of the weather crossing different places.

Let’s started to talk about the wonderful places in Bangladesh. At first, I’m gonna tell you that currently Bangladesh has 8 divisions. Most of the tourist spots are situated between the districts of Sylhet and Chattogram(previously known as Chittagong) divisions.  And the main attraction of all is Cox’s Bazar.

Cox’s Bazar district is known for it’s largest sea beach. This is the largest sea beach in the world which has a length about 120 kilometers. Though the sea beach is the main attraction of this town but still there are some other tourist spots like Himchari National park, Dulahazra Safari park, Inani Beach, Saint Martin Island etc. will give you an unique traveling experience. Late November to January is the ideal time to visit here.


Cox’s Bazar, the largest sea beach of the world. Picture Source – Self Captured.

Now, Let’s come to Chattogram district. Chattogram is the second largest district in Bangladesh having some wonderful tourist spots across the area. Patenga Sea beach, Fay’s Lake, Guliakhali Sea beach, Sitakundo trail, Bashkhali eco park, Fatikchari tea garden etc. Among them, the Guliakhali sea beach is becoming popular spot for the tourists due to its unique natural beauty.  The wet monsoon period is the ideal time to travel in Chattogram.


Fay’s Lake in Chattogram. Picture Source – Self Captured.

Patenga Beach-02

Patenga Sea Beach. Picture Source – Self Captured.


Guliakhali Sea Beach. Picture Source – Collected.

Then, let’s move forward to the hill-tracks of Chattogram Division. Rangamati is an amazing place to visit which is also the largest district in Bangladesh. The major attractions of this area are kaptai lake and Sajek Valley.  kaptai lake is the largest artificial lake in Bangladesh which is the result of building the kaptai dam on the karnaphuli river. Moving with a boat on this lake will amaze you which is guaranteed. You will be able to experience the beauty of the lake with the reflection of hillsides into the lake water. You can explore the hillsides of the lake and step into different places while moving. Sajek valley is the most amazing place in Bangladesh. For me,  it’s the heaven of Bangladesh. Sajek is known as the roof of Rangamati which is situated 1800 feet above sea level. You will be able to touch the clouds from here at the monsoon period. Though this place is located in Rangamati district but You have to go through Khagrachari district to reach Sajek Valley.

Kaptai Lake

A view of Kaptai Lake in Rangamati. Picture Source – Self Captured.


Sajek Valley. Picture Source – Collected.

Bandarban district  is  also an  amazing place in the hill-tracks of Chattogram division.  Here, you will be able to explore different places like Nilgiri, Nilachal, Nafakhum trail, Boga lake, keokradong (the highest peak of Bangladesh), Jadipai waterfall etc. which will give you a lifetime traveling experience. You will definitely get an adventurous experience while hill-tracking and traveling on the road of Bandarban hill-tracks. You can also visit various temples like Sorno Mandir(Golden Temple), Ramjadi temple which are the amazing examples of ancient architecture. Monsoon period is the ideal time for traveling here.


Beauty of Nilachal at Bandarban. Picture Source – Self Captured. 


Nilgiri, Bandarban. Picture Source – Self Captured.  


Golden Temple, Bandarban. Picture Source – Self Captured.  


Nafakhum Trail.  Picture Source – Collected. 


Let’s move from southeast to northeast. I’m talking about Sylhet division. The whole area of Sylhet division become evergreen during wet monsoon period. So June to September is the perfect timeline to visit here.

Sylhet district is the major district of the Sylhet division. Amazing tourist spots are situated in this district. Jaflong, Lalakhal, Ratargul, Bichnakandi, Tilagar Eco park, Khadimnagar eco park etc. are very popular places in this area. Among them, Jaflong is famous for its subtropical mountains and waterfalls. And Ratargul is the only swamp forest situated in Bangladesh. Beside these places, you can visit several tea gardens around the Sylhet Districts which are very amazing.


Jaflong, Sylhet. Picture Source- Self Captured.


A Tower view of Ratargul Swamp Forest. Picture Source – Collected.  

Let’s shifted towards Moulvibazar district. Moulvibazar is also known as the kingdom of the tea gardens. Specially Sreemangal Sub-district is known as the land of tea gardens. Amazing places like Madhabpur Lake, Lawachara National forest, Bharaura lake,     Rema kalenga forest etc. are situated in Sreemangal Sub-district. Madhabkundo waterfall is situated in Barlekha which is an another sub-district of Moulvibazar. It’s one of the highest waterfalls in Bangladesh.


Madhabpur Lake in Sreemangal. Picture Source- Collected.


Rail track inside Lawachara National Forest. Picture Source- Collected.

Sunamganj is an another district in Sylhet division which is known for Tanguar Haor. Tanguar Haor  is a unique wetland ecosystem located in the Dharmapasha and Tahirpur upazilas of Sunamganj District in Bangladesh. Tanguar Haor plays an important role in fish production as it functions as a ‘mother fishery’ for the country.  But recently, it has become a tourist attraction for the local tourists and it is becoming popular day by day.  To enjoy this river basin, you have to hire a boat and stay overnight on the boat for exploring the whole beauty of this ecosystem. Staying overnight on the boat under the moon light into the water will amaze you and won’t let you forget the moment forever.


Beauty of Tanguar Haor. Picture Source – Collected.


Wide view of Tanguar Haor. Picture Source – Collected.


Now, let’s move on to the southern part of the country.  At here, the main attraction is Sunderban. Sunderban is the world’s largest coastal mangrove forest having an area about 10000 km2 . Among them the area of 6000 km2  is located in Bangladesh.  This coastal forest extends across Khulna, Shatkhira and Bagerhat District. Sunderban is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. A tourist can visit Sunderban by entering through any of these three districts. But the best way for me to visit Sunderban is going through Khulna. Because a lot of tourist packages and other facilities are available in Khulna district. You have to use a boat or a vessel for exploring Sunderban because river way is the only way to move in this coastal forest. You can stay overnight on the vessel into the middle of the Bay of Bengal. Trust me, it will be an amazing moment that you’ll never forget. The winter season is the best time to travel here.

The Sunderban in a brief.  Picture Source – Collected.

At last, I’m gonna take you to Barisal Division, the south-central part of Bangladesh. And I’m sure that local guys have already identified the major attraction of this part. Yes, you are right. I’m talking about kuakata. Kuakata is a small town in Patuakhali district, which is famous for its panoramic sea beach. You will have an unclogged view of both sunrise and sunset on the Bay of Bengal, while crossing 18 kilometers long sea beach. Kuakata is also a sanctuary for migratory winter birds. On the east coast, you can visit the Gongamati forest which is a small mangrove forest. This forest  may give you the experience of walking in Sunderban. The winter season is the right time to visit here because this place remains under the threat of various natural disaster during the off season. Kuakata

Kuakata Sea Beach.  Picture Source – Collected.


Sunset view of Kuakata Sea Beach.  Picture Source – Collected.

That’s all about the valuable tourist places in Bangladesh. There are more amazing places are available for visiting in this country.  Among them Sonargaon Panam City in Narayanganj District, Mahasthan Garh in Bogra District, Soumpura Vihar in Naogaon district, Shat Gombuj Masjid(The Sixty Dome Mosque, a UNESCO World Heritage Site) in Bagerhat district are important.


The Shat Gombuj Masjid (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Picture Source – The Daily Star.

At the end, I wanna say that Bangladesh is a small country but there are many places to visit here which will definitely amaze you. So, I will like to invite the foreign travelers from all over the globe to have a tour in this piece of the world. And for the local travelers, I want to say that you should travel more and discover amazing places inside the country.

So, travel more and refresh your mind.

Thanks for be with me.


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  1. I’ve been to BD three times so far, I’m sure I do not know all the places yet, but the reason I traveled to Bangladesh (and will do it again) is the people who live in this country, their hospitality, their warmth. .. this is worth more than all attractions together …! Greets from Germany


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